Culinary Consultant Services

banquet facilities

Catering and Banquet Facilities

I provide action plans to improve profits. You will receive my expertise in fine dining banquet facilities, off premise catering, and daily operations.  I bring my successful years of experience to your company and work on site with your current staff to improve operations and profit.

cafes and food service

Cafes & Food Service Consulting

Chef Master & Culinary Consultant Paul Landau has the experience to assist you with any aspect of your cafe's operation, big or small. Paul has helped existing food service cafes and helped design new concepts. 

mall and food court

Mall & Food Court Culinary Consulting

I provide end-to-end solutions in the specialized areas of mall food court conceptualization to food court management, with extensive "hands-on" experience in retail, service & development.



I provide hands-on experience in every aspect of the Bistro production system. My kitchen, restaurant and bakery management experience will streamline the development process of your dream Bistro concept.



I design thoughtful, effective and efficient food facilities. I have real life experience providing tailored design and support services to Restaurants, Retail and Hospitality companies.

My flexible solutions assure a competitive advantage while meeting the functional criteria with finished configurations that are able to scale for future growth plans and/or menu innovation.

restaurant consulting service

Large Restaurants

I'll advise you best practices on building great food and beverage experiences. I offer innovation methods for launching distinctive food and beverage experiences. My mission is to create food with purpose by bringing brands, products and experiences to life that benefit both businesses and consumers.

mobile food stand

Mobile Food Stand Concepts

Mobile food stand concepts offer instant culinary gratification and diverse dining themes to suit every palate. Mobile food concepts and eateries are taking the world by storm. I'll help you design and implement best practices to succeed in an increasingly popular category of food delivery.

quick services

Quick Services & Franchises

My culinary concepts offer a variety of creative food development experiences. From small bites, quick service custom orders, to multi-course offerings, I'll help you implement a unique and satisfying culinary experience for your customers.

gourmet markets

Gourmet Markets

Many factors should be accounted for when choosing your gourmet adventure. I have over 3 decades of experience to help you identify good from bad. Together we'll formulate a plan best suited for your culinary interests.

all kosher

All Kosher

I will provide you with the information needed to deliver a true all kosher experience. I provide professional level training in culinary, baking and pastry arts. 



Buffets also offer creative options for hospitality, lifestyle brands and events. I will help you create memorable experiences with new concepts, food & beverage, branding, catering, staffing and events.

gourmet cafeterias

B&I Gourmet Cafeterias

I have extensive experience in virtually every aspect of operating a cafeteria environment, from brand ideas, to menu development, to on-site training and support. I’ll help you incubate big ideas that will outmaneuver the competition.



I have a diverse background covering every aspect of the food industry – Retail, Restaurants, Food Service, and Food Processing. I can help you manage all your food or restaurant purchases. I will help you save money by only hiring what you need, when you need it.

dietary menus

Dietary Menus

I am also able to help you with menu nutrition consulting services as well. Consumers now expect restaurant establishments to accommodate their demands for nutrition while dining out. 

Investing in menus that offer healthy options, cater to dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free, raw, dairy-free, accommodating diabetics, pregnant women, Paleo diets, etc.), and still taste delicious allows organizations to fulfill and stay one step ahead of consumer demands. Many states are even moving toward mandatory nutrition fact labeling on menus.

gym and meal prep

Gym & Meal Prep

I will empower you with the information and meals needed to master your gym and meal prep services. Meal prep driven consumers know meal prep drives results. I have the experience to help you create efficient, and easy to implement options. 

menu analysis

Menu Analysis

Menu analyzing (or menu analysis) is often an overlooked skill when working with a culinary consultant. It's critical this area of your business is always taken into consideration. 

Menu analyzing encompasses an understanding of the fonts, styles, and copy used on your tangible menus as well as the product mix of food and ingredients you decide to use with your recipes.

kitchen administration

Kitchen Administration & Financials

Knowing how to handle cash flow is vital for the health and well being of any restaurant, small or large. Economist like to point out the high failure rate of new restaurants. Estimates report 2 out of 3 restaurants close in the first year. 3 out of 4 close in the first two years. 

I have the real life experience to help you avoid these statistics.



Sourcing local food is becoming increasingly more difficult for restaurants. As globalization has created longer and increasingly complex food supply chains, there has been a continued surge in demand for locally-sourced food. I have the experience to help you every step of the way.

kitchen equipment

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen equipment covers everything from commercial ovens to dining tables, restaurant dishes to ice machines. Deciding what type of kitchen equipment to purchase can be overwhelming for a new restaurant owner. I know where to purchase the bigger pieces of kitchen equipment, such as stoves, ovens, and refrigeration units at the best prices.

human resources

Human Resources

I have decades of experience with human resources (HR) for restaurant owners & managers. As a restaurant owner or manager, your employees are the lifeblood of making any restaurant successful and there are numerous HR issues to deal with. I will teach you what you need to know to keep you from unknowingly making HR mistakes that can cause you time and money.