About Chef Master, Paul Landau

Paul Landau
With 30+ years of culinary experience, formal education, and 36 countries traveled on tastings, I have seen innumerable errors, from private entrepreneurship, to the large struggling national size companies.

I've successfully consulted for all areas of the culinary arts that affect the business, employees, guests, and clients as a whole. The amount of headaches do not go along with the size of the business. How the business is being opened, and the maintenance of systems, are the difference between long term success and short term failure. 

I will coach, develop, and train you at all culinary levels, focusing on the hard task of employee retention through stimulating operational systems, aiding efficient functioning, and food consistency. Most importantly, you'll learn how to execute the best practices that lead to sustained profitability.  

Furthermore, we are not sending foodies, nor rookies, with a folder to entertain you, while we invoice you. I come personally to meet and assess your single or multiple accounts. I will devise an action plan best suited for your business. 
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Made Easy, Efficient, & Affordable is our Motto. Affordable means affordable! No "Attorney" fees charged. My team and I do not leave you with paperwork and vanish; we don't' worship money. We have 1 unified goal of providing you with excellent service and a job well done. You will get me in person, 1 job at a time, with no mediators.

What does a culinary consultant do?

Culinary consultants help food establishments leverage their ingredients to improve their menu and attract more customers. They provide an in-depth analysis of the business based on their culinary expertise.

A culinary consultant in Garfield, NJ, can work with hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, beverage suppliers, and other related businesses. This consultant can help your business bounce back when things aren't looking great. They will help develop recipes, specialized menus, and unique offerings for your restaurant.

With the help of culinary consulting services in Garfield, NJ, owners can minimize the business's operating costs through a better culinary model. Aside from food quality and recipes, a culinary consultant also promotes kitchen ergonomics, beverage systems, and financial analysis.

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A culinary consultant sees every food business with a bird's eye view. They identify problems and formulate solutions, so kitchens and food establishments will improve their business. All of these are possible through decades of practical experience.

What are the chef's responsibilities?

Behind every successful restaurant is a master chef. They are the ones responsible for the delicious and satisfying meals that every customer enjoys.

About 90% of a restaurant's success is dependent on the taste and quality of its food. This is the reason why a chef should have not just the right skills, but also their finger on the pulse of what customers want.

A chef serves as the kitchen's captain to ensure that every order reaches the table warm and delicious. This is why chefs are not just restaurant employees, but collaborators for the continuous success of the business.